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Common Features of Printers You Should Know

Posted on July 2, 2013 by admin There have been 0 comments

Whenever you make a certain investment in any piece of technology, you need to make sure that you will see the return you expect. This is important especially if you are buying something specialized such as a printer with certain expectations like printing quality, speed or any other specific characteristics.

We have prepared this article just for you to familiarize yourself with the different types of printers and some of their characteristics.

Types of Printers
1. Inkjet Printer:

Inkjet printers are generally used in home and small businesses because of their more compact size. The quality of print is high, and they are quite fast printers. However, depending on your volume of printing, you will be spending more money on ink catridges.

2. Laser Printer:

In comparison to Inkjet printers, Laser printers come at a higher price as they are considered being more reliable for mass printing but less toner cartridges will be needed. The output quality is very high, and it prints very fast.

Common Features of Printers
1. Photo Printing Features
Most printers can print pictures in two ways:
a) By connecting the camera directly to the USB port on the printer with a cable
b) By inserting the memory card from the camera directly into the printer. Most printers are compatible with SD cards, while some are also compatible with other types of memory card

2. Connectivity Features
To connect your PC, Smartphone or Tablet to your printer, there are three ways:
a) You can print wirelessly on a wi-fi compatible printer. To do this, you’ll need a wireless router.
b) You can print via the cloud from a host of devices on printers that are compatible with cloud services.
c) You can email prints to your printer on certain brands which have such features such as HP and Epson. These printers come with their own email address and will enable you to send documents, pictures and photos directly to your printer from anywhere in the world.

3. Scanning Features
Scanners allow you to capture images and text onto your computer. They are great for home use for storing photographs and sending them on to friends and family electronically - or in the office for storing documents and editing texts. There are two basic types: Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and Slide & negative scanners.

4. Faxing Features
As well as printing, copying and scanning, 4-in-1 printers also include a fax function.

5. Paper and Time Saving Features
To save time when using your printer, there are two major features:
a) Auto-duplexing which allows you set the printer automatically to print on both sides of a page.
b) Automatic document feeder (ADF) which allows you to put multiple pages is a tray without having to feed them through one at a time.

If you have any further questions on the features of a printer, please call our Customer Care on 01-2793388 or Email You can also drop your question in the comment box and we'd respond to you.

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