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How To Buy The Best Antivirus Software For Your Computer

Posted on June 16, 2013 by admin There have been 2 comment(s)

Do you have a computer which you use to browse the internet, download files, and exchange data through connected and wireless devices? Does this computer have installed antivirus software? If the answers to the above questions are Yes and No in that order, then you are surely exposing your computer to a wide range of threats, including computer viruses.

If your computer is unprotected, then it is not safe and anytime, it could get a virus. Once your computer is infected by a virus or other threats, it could result to destroying or losing all your important files.

Why Do You Need An Antivirus Software?
The widespread use of the Internet has led to a new era in the exchange of information. Documents, songs, movies, books and more can be downloaded instantly instead of purchasing a hard copy. Even though you might enjoy the use of these files, some of them might be malicious, and certainly not welcome. You may not know when you have accepted a file infected with malware in an email or via a web page until it is too late.

If your computer is unprotected, it might be afflicted with virues and other malware on a regular basis, leading to a destruction of loss of your important files, and in a worst case scenario, complete destruction of computer hardware.

Although some computers come with pre-installed antivirus software bundle trial, subscriptions need to be renewed once the initial evaluation period has expired. If you are looking for the best antivirus software for your computer, then you should know the right software to purchase. It is important that you know the things to consider if you want fight threats and viruses.

How to stop viruses and malware from infecting your computer
To protect your computer, you need to have an effective security software that can drastically reduce the malware infection rate of a computer. If this security software is updated on a regular basis, malware infection can be taken down to almost zero.
Most paid-for security software have the following elements:
A firewall – This helps monitor and filter data traffic arriving and leaving your computer, thereby protecting it from incoming attacks from the internet.
Antivirus software – An antivirus software which is consistently and reliably updated, ensures that new threats, viruses and trojans can be avoided and that systems stay safe.
Antispyware software – A spyware is malicious software that secretly downloads to your computer which can monitor your activity, and collect private information about you and send it out onto the internet. An Anti-spyware software scans your computer to detect this, and removes any spyware it finds.

Other useful security tools to have installed on your PC include spam filters to block unsolicited mail and parental controls to help keep your children safe online.

Free vs Paid-For Antivirus Software
When people think of installing an antivirus software, the question that comes to mind is whether to get a free or paid-for software.
While some people believe that paid-for antivirus software are more powerful than free ones, others believe they are a waste of money especially when you can protect your PC with free antivirus software. However, for different users, their requirements may differ a lot.

What a Free Antivirus Software will offer you
Free antivirus software means you can try different tools to find one that suits without spending any money. However, it doesn’t come with a combination of antivirus, antispyware, antispam and firewall. You will have to install these programs separately.

What a Free Antivirus Software won’t offer you

Free antivirus software usually have time limits for how long you can use them. They offer only a basic level of protection unlike the extra features of paid-for antivirus software and you’ll have to keep it updated. It typically comes in single-user packages so you’ll need to download install and manage a separate version on all your computers. Technical support is limited and is usually provided only online.

What a Paid-for Antivirus Software will offer you
The most common feature of a paid-for security software is that it offers all-round antivirus, antispyware and firewall solution accessed through a single interface which are automatically updated. They often come with multi-use licenses which allows you to install it on more than one computer. They provide better technical support and often include backup or recovery tools that can help restore your computer

What a Paid-for Antivirus Software won’t offer you
If you don’t need all the security options a paid-for antivirus software provides, you may be paying for protection you won’t use. You’d also have to pay the annual subscription rates in order to receive updates after the initial period of protection is over which is usually a year.

At, we stock some of the latest Antivirus Software. Whatever your security need is, you are sure to find something to suit your need.

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