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Is That Printer Right For You? Things You Must Know Before Buying A Printer

Posted on June 16, 2013 by admin There have been 0 comments

Last week, my neighbor made a complain to me on how he was spending N5,000 monthly on ink cartridges for his printer. He runs an office where he is required to print a good number of documents daily and had purchased an 'All in One' N12,000 Printer for the purpose.

The cost of operating the printer was however too high and the accumulated cost was wearing him down. There was absolutely nothing wrong with the printer, but, he had purchased the wrong printer!

Many times, when we think it is about time for us to stop taking our printing jobs outside and get a printer, the first thing we think of is affordability. Then we think of its portability and functions – whether it includes a scanner and a copier or whether it can print coloured documents as well as black and white.

While these are important factors, there are however more things to consider before buying a printer. In order to ensure you don’t buy the wrong printer, you need to answer these questions:

What do I need the printer for? Do you just want to use the printer for leisure purposes, for work, for a short or long term project? Do you want to use the printer to scan and copy documents as well?
How often do I need to print? Do you print documents hourly, daily, or weekly? Do you use the printer everyday?
What is more important to you – speed or quality? Some printers are very fast while some aren’t, some produce very sharp quality documents while some don’t. You should identify your greatest need before buying a printer because some printers have just one of these features, while others have a combination of both.
What devices do I want to print from? Do you want to use the printer from one computer, or do you want to print from other wireless devices such as a tablet or smart phone?

After you have identified the major purpose of the printer, you need to familiarize yourself with the several types of printers around which serve different purposes.

Laser Printers

Paykobo Laserjet Printer Paykobo Laserjet Printer

Lasers are usually associated with office environments, where they produce sharp, smudge-free printouts quickly, quietly and economically, but this can be just as useful at home or in a home office. It is very useful if you print a lot and are very particular about fast print speed.

Inkjet Printers HP Inkejet

They are usually the most affordable and are massively produced due to their home use or small office suitability. Although they are very cheap to buy you will be spending your money depending on printing volume on ink catridges. Some inkjet printers can as well copy, scan and fax.

Multifunction / All-in-One Printers

Paykobo Officejet Colour Inkjet All in One printer

This printer is suitable for the consumer who needs one machine to be able to do anything such as printing, faxing, copying or scanning.

Photo Printers

If you want to print photos at home, you can buy printers which only specialise in this.

Although you can still buy compact photo printers that only print 6x4 photos, some A4-sized printer also print photos.

A3 Printers: If you print documents larger than the usual A4 size, you might need an A3 printer. This printer is considerably larger and takes up more desk space.

Portable Printers: These pint-size printers are designed for life on the road. The image quality is hardly top-notch and cannot print out more than a standard 8.5-inch-wide sheet of paper. It is however suitable if you need to print on the go.

Next, you should identify your profile. What profile suits you best?

Home User
A home user demands a lot from a printer. This is why the best choice is a versatile and affordable printer, such as a small office/home office color Inkjet Printer.
The Alternative: Get a personal Laser Printer for simple setup with fast, quality monochrome text and graphics output.

Are you writing your project, thesis, carrying out a research or need a printer to print your term papers? You’ll need a printer that can print out page after page of text at a fast pace. A monochrome Personal Laser Printer should do the job.
The Alternative: A Multifunction Inkjet Printer is a viable option if you want the additional copy, fax, and scan options. It also gives you the flexibility to print in color when necessary.

Digital Photographer
Any inkjet can print photos in color, but if you want results that approach professional photofinishing, you'll need a printer designed to reproduce the dynamic range of a traditional photograph. Photo or Snapshot Printers can print directly from compatible digital cameras and are priced a bit higher.
The Alternative: If you're into digital photography but also run a busy home office, consider an All-in-one Printer. Some of them offer multiple ink cartridges that save you money in the long term by allowing you to replace each color as it depletes, as opposed to purchasing a brand-new three-color cartridge every time one color runs out.

Small Business
A Multifunction or All-in-one Printer is a good option for a small business. They come in both Laser and Inkjet models.
The Alternative: If you already have a standalone photocopier or scanner, a personal Laser Printer should meet your needs.

Large Corporate Organisations
A work group Laser Printer is the obvious choice for your larger organization. It is designed to juggle multiple print jobs, has faster processors, more memory, and is capable of churning out more than 35 pages per minute. They also offer work group features such as network printing, high-capacity toner cartridges, and larger paper input and output trays.
The Alternative: A business-class inkjet may be sufficient if your team has modest printing needs, and most models support network printing and wireless connectivity.

So, next time you want to buy a printer, do not just look at how affordable or how attractive it is. Buy the best printer to suit your purpose.


Do you want to buy a printer? Feel free to call our Customer Care Line on 01-2793388 or email if you have any questions or inquiries or drop your question in the comment box and we’d be sure to answer you.

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