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    Time Stamp Machine: 16 item(s)
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    1. The Time & Date Stamp has been designed to print preset or custom date, time & numbering formats onto a multitude of documents
      and carbonated sets.

      Ideal for Garages for job timing, Hospitals, Schools, Solicitors, Offices etc, or any application for stamping the Time, Date, or Comment onto documents.

      You Pay: ₦72,500.00
      • Manual or automatic print
      • High speed dot-matrix printer
      • Large, backlit digital display
      • Automatically adjust for daylight savings
      • Mounts on wall or desktop
      • Optional bell ringing
      You Pay: ₦76,406.40
      • Print any combination of date/time/message/auto-number
      • Date/time changes automatically
      • Can be programmed with custom text
      • Built-in Daylight Savings time
      • Battery backup retains setting during power outage
      You Pay: ₦79,380.00
      • Electronic payroll recorder and time stamp
      • Versatile operation - automatic, semi-automatic or manual print operations
      • Automatic date advance and Daylight Saving Time adjustments save you time
      • Over 150 print configurations


      You Pay: ₦97,800.00
      • Electric payroll recorder with push-button
      • Easy-to-use electric payroll recorder
      • Sets up in minutes, simply plug in and set time
      • Pre-inked ribbon is ready for printing
      • Wide range of cards and paper types
      You Pay: ₦102,786.60
      • Technical Specification, Power Adapter - 100-240 VAC, 50/ 60Hz
      • Clock Input - 15 VDC, 1.2A (Max)
      • Ambient Temperature: -10°C ~ 45ºC (-14ºF ~ 113ºF)
      • Humidity: 10% ~ 90% (no condensation)
      • Shipping Weight: Approximately 1.77kg (3.9 lbs)
      You Pay: ₦103,614.00
      • ES900 electronic payroll recorder
      • Versatile operation - automatic
      • Semi-automatic or manual print operations
      • Synchronizes time automatically
      • Automatic date advance and Daylight Saving Time
      • Multiple languages
      • Durable time format
      You Pay: ₦115,080.00
      • Stamp date,time and messages on any document or form
      • Print 13 pre-programmed comments
      • including VOID, RCVD, SENT, IN, OUT
      • Unlimited customized comments for employee timecards
      • Automatically or manually print on any type of timecard or document
      • Track employee tardiness and early departures
      • Six language options
      • Large, easy-to-read LCD display
      You Pay: ₦132,291.60
      • Very popular for garages and workshops
      • Selectable printing order upto 30 sets for you to choose from
      • Customizable print options over 3 seperate lines
      • Keeps time during power failure
      • Large window for document alignment
      • Perpetual calendar until 2099
      • Auto BST reset time correction
      • 1 to 8 digit numbering with upto 9 repetitions
      You Pay: ₦145,000.00
    2. Use as a time clock, time stamp or numbering machine. 29 present print formats or custom print up to three lines. Built-in lithium battery keeps time and settings during power failures. Automatic month, day, date and daylight saving adjustment. One- to eight-digit numbering with up to nine repeats. Password protection ensures security. Wall or table mount offers flexible placement. Optional NiCad battery pack allows up to 24 hours or 200 prints if AC power is lost. Time Clock Type: Electronic Imprint Style: Month, Date, Day.

      You Pay: ₦155,000.00
      • Left or Right print option
      • Adjustable print depth
      • 13 Preset Short message options (ex. RCVD, FAXD)
      • Selectable Hours Format (12 or 24)
      • Minutes Fromat (60 or 100s)
      • Optional Password protection
      • LCD Display
      You Pay: ₦155,000.00
      • Steel construction
      • Prints date and time
      • Automatically resets for short months
      • Includes 25 time cards
      • tracks employee time
      • Uses only genuine Pyramid 4000R ribbon
      You Pay: ₦185,500.00
      • Electronic date-and-time stamper
      • Large LCD for easy reading
      • Programmable calendar
      • Prints 4- or 6-digit sequential numbers
      • Uses 4 AA batteries and 1 lithium coin cell
      You Pay: ₦210,000.00
      • Time Clock Type - Mechanical
      • Imprint Style - Year
      • Minute Increments - 1
      • Display Types - Digital
      You Pay: ₦221,764.20
      • Weight: 18 lbs.
      • Dimensions: 4.5"(w)x 7.75"(h)x 9.75"(d)
      • Depth of Throat
      • Standard: 1.25" ; Max: 1.6" Minimum: .125"
      • optional trigger extension
      You Pay: ₦225,636.60
      • Automatically prints when document is inserted
      • Impact resistant case with tamper-proof lock
      • Variable stamping impact allows you to print on 1-5 part multiple copy forms
      • Metal typewheels provide clean imprint
      • Designed to withstand thousands of registrations per day
      • Auto feed / reverse guarantees longer ribbon life
      You Pay: ₦402,418.80
    Time Stamp Machine: 16 item(s)
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